Apple Air Conditioning Engineer Fired for Allegedly Spying on iPhone 6S Users

  • September 12, 2021

Apple has fired an engineer who allegedly tried to spy on iPhone users by using an iOS device to secretly record the phone’s calls, a source close to the matter told Engadgets.

The incident occurred in August, when an employee who works for the Apple engineering team accidentally uploaded the iPhone 6s’ camera and microphone to the company’s servers without Apple’s consent, the source said.

The employee uploaded the footage to the internet without Apple knowing, but it then spread to other Apple employees, who then uploaded it to the iPhone’s camera and microphones, the report said.

The employee was also found to have downloaded the data to the Apple servers without permission.

Apple has declined to comment.

Apple said the employee was fired on Thursday for breaching the company code of conduct, and that Apple has “zero tolerance for misconduct in the workplace.”

The source added that Apple “has never shared any information with law enforcement, which has led to widespread concerns.”

The incident comes as Apple is looking to improve its relationship with US law enforcement agencies, and as the FBI investigates the alleged hacking of Apple employees’ iCloud accounts.

Apple and the FBI declined to say whether they have spoken to law enforcement officials about the case.

In an interview with Reuters on Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray said he had asked Apple for help with the investigation into the hack.


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