Bill Walton says he’s not surprised by the trade deadline acquisition of LeBron James

  • July 5, 2021

Walton said he doesn’t expect to see a trade before the deadline, but said the Warriors should be prepared to move on from James if he does not make a decision before the trade market opens Wednesday.

“The thing is that if he’s like, ‘I can’t sign with Cleveland’ or ‘I’m not happy here,’ he doesn`t have to make a trade,” Walton said on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

“You know, you can trade for him.

You know what, we`re going to try to find a trade that’s better for the organization.

He`s a good player. “

I don`ll be surprised if LeBron does make a choice to go somewhere else.

He`s a good player.

He can make money.

If he`s not happy with where he`ll fit in, he`d be a good option for us.

But I don’t see it happening right now.”

James, who is in the final year of his contract and is entering his third season with the Cavaliers, has been with the team for two of the past three seasons.

He signed a five-year, $100 million contract extension in November after being named the NBA`s Defensive Player of the Year.

The Warriors have been trying to get a new deal done with James, and Walton said the Cavs should be in the market to find someone to replace him.

“We`ve had discussions with LeBron, and I think we`ve been able to reach an agreement,” Walton told SiriusXM.

“He has been one of the players that has made us feel really good about the organization, the way we feel about him and the team.

If he wants to move somewhere else, I don�t think we have to be worried about that.”


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