The Australian’s latest bid to sell his $9,000-a-month air conditioning unit has a winner

  • July 15, 2021

The man who says he’s the new owner of an air conditioning system that his family used to use in the backyard is finally making a move.

The Austins have put the unit on the market for $9000.

They want $12,000 for it, a deal they hope will bring the family $1,000 per month in taxes and other fees.

The new owner, Michael Austins, says the family has been able to afford the air conditioner, which was installed in 2009, without having to pay anything in taxes.

But it’s not without its drawbacks.

“I was getting $3,000 a month for it but now it’s only $1 a month,” Austins said.

“We’re now paying $12 a month in tax for the first two years.”

Austins is trying to raise money to buy the unit from his family.

He says the cost of replacing the unit will be a significant expense.

“It’s a $25,000 cost,” Austens said.

The family is not expecting much change in the next few years.

“They’ll probably just be able to move on with it,” Austons mother, Wendy, said.

Austins and his family have spent nearly $50,000 on the air conditioning.

He also has a house, a motorcycle and a business to run.

He and his wife have also made a $6,000 donation to the Austins family foundation, which is working to support a number of other local charities.

The unit is on the same floor as Austins’ current home and he has used it for storage since 2009.

Austens’ mother, who works at a nearby bank, said she hopes to eventually use the unit to provide the family with a home, a car and other amenities.

“When we look at this, it’s an opportunity to do good for the community,” Wendy Austens-Darling said.