How to Get Cooler in Florida, but Save the Air

  • August 8, 2021

In Florida, we’ve been having trouble keeping our cool.

But what if the humidity is right?

Well, we can find out.

Here are 10 cool ways to keep your humidor cool in the Florida sun.


Take a shower.

If you’re looking to reduce your outdoor temperature, then taking a shower is a great way to do it.

It will reduce your overall air humidity, but it’s not the only way.


Add a fan.

A fan can help keep the air humidity down even further.

It won’t blow air into your home like a hose, but rather cools the air down and draws it to your windows.


Use a humidifier.

Some humidifiers, like the one in our article for the Star Air, will allow you to add water to your humidifier, or add a cooling fan.

They’ll also cool your air down to keep it from condensing and causing condensation.


Use an evaporator.

If your humidification system is running too hot, then a cooling evaporator can help.

You can buy an evaporators that are small enough to fit inside a humidor or an evaporating humidifier that can be placed inside your humidors humidifier or fan.


Keep your windows and doors closed.

Keep all windows and vents closed.

This will keep humidity levels at a comfortable level.


Put the thermostat on high.

Most humidifiers have a temperature control knob on the side that lets you set the temperature.

This can be useful when you’re using the evaporator, but not if you’re humidifying inside.


Take your time.

Even if you have a fan in your humidified home, it’s better to start off slow.

Start out by keeping your humidurant at a lower temperature.

Then slowly increase the temperature as you get used to the cooler air.


Put on some shades.

The darker your home is, the better it will look.

You’ll want to take your humidiator out of the sun to get rid of the unwanted darkness, so you can add some shades or other natural lighting.


Add air conditioning.

A humidifier is great at cooling down your air, but air conditioning is a must.

There’s no better way to keep cool in Florida than by keeping it in the house.


Don’t forget to buy a humidification device.

You may have heard of one or two humidifiers that can cool your house, but you’ll want one with a thermostatic function.

There are many humidifiers and coolers that can do this, so find one that has a thermoregulation function and one that can get a thermonuclear reaction going.