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  • July 13, 2021

King Air conditioning has announced a $1.3bn investment in a new line of electric air conditioning units, which will add about 800 jobs to the city of Bristol.

Key points:A £1,500 ($1,865) electric airconditioner for a two-bedroom flat in Bristol will cost £5,200 ($6,000) and will be made by a company based in the US, with the airconditioning installed by Bristol-based AirflowAirCureSource: Bristol City CouncilThe new air conditioners will be used in Bristol’s main shopping mall, Bristol City Centre and in the city’s West End.

The new technology is expected to save £2,300 ($3,400) a year and is expected on average to save between £1 and £3,300 a year in the air conditioning market, according to a report by consultancy company Avalons.

It will be installed in new buildings on a phased basis from 2018 and the company will sell the equipment through a partnership with Bristol-owned Airflowair, which is based in Florida.

The company, which has offices in the United States, was founded in the early 1990s and has an annual turnover of around £600 million.

Its main customer is the US government, which installed its air conditionings at the White House and other federal buildings and government offices in Washington, DC.

Bristol-based air conditioning company Avalones expects the new system to save Bristol between £5 to £7,200 a year, depending on its size and the type of installation.

Bathrooms are the third biggest source of pollution in Bristol, according the city council, which says the city was in the top three for outdoor air quality last year.

Bolton-based Avalons has been awarded the contract to build the new systems at a cost of £1.8bn, with a third of the funding coming from the city.

It is one of three UK firms to win the contract for the project, with Bristol City council also awarding a contract to air conditioning specialist Airflow AirCure.

The £1bn investment will see the air conditionors installed in the West End, where Bristol-born Mr Johnson is building a £200m apartment tower.

Mr Johnson said he was proud of the new air conditioning system and said the move would boost Bristol’s air quality.

“It’s fantastic that Bristol has been selected to deliver this vital project, which would have made the city one of the world’s most polluted cities,” he said.

“The city has a very significant number of residents who suffer from respiratory problems, but with this new airconditioners, we’ll be able to reduce their air pollution levels.”

They will not only help with the health of the city, they will also be very important for helping to cut air pollution from our airways.

“As an environmental organisation we’ve been keen to make sure that we help the environment in a positive way, but I’m sure this will have a positive impact on our air quality as well.”

The city council’s new air-conditioning scheme will be part of a £1 billion programme to help Bristol to meet its carbon reduction targets.

The programme is being overseen by the Bristol city government, Bristol County Council and the British Thermal Energy Corporation.

Mr Adams said the plan to make Bristol one of Europe’s most environmentally friendly cities was a significant one, adding: “We will be able create a better air quality environment and better lives for our citizens.”

Bristols environmental performance has improved massively over the past 20 years and the Bristol City Government has a responsibility to be an example for other cities.

“The mayor added: “As a city, we need to be a hub for innovation and the future of Bristol, and the new Airflow air conditioning project will make a significant contribution to this ambition.

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  • July 12, 2021

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