Texas gas station to shut down after methane leak

  • September 25, 2021

A Texas gas pump company is closing its doors after methane was detected leaking into the ground, causing a massive gas leak that could cause significant damage to an air conditioning system.KXAN reported Tuesday that the state of Texas is investigating the leak.

The station has been shut down and has closed all of its service outlets, said Bob Schuyler, a spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety.

The leak occurred Tuesday afternoon at the Port of Laredo, where the station pumps natural gas.

There were no reported injuries or fires, according to state officials.

Schuylers office says there have been no reports of methane leaks in the past year.

The facility is a joint venture between Texas Gas & Electric and the Texas Public Service Commission.

The company is owned by the San Antonio-based company.

The leak has not been contained, according the company.

“The Texas Public Servs Commission takes safety and public health issues very seriously and takes all safety measures as soon as they are determined,” Schuyers office said in a statement.

The station will close for repairs, the station said in the statement.


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