When a coworker’s wife is killed by her own dog, the internet goes nuts!

  • July 5, 2021

source Reddit link article This is my favorite gif ever, but you’ll have to look elsewhere for it.

It was a Reddit thread and it’s worth a look, as it’s a little too creepy for my tastes. 

The post reads, in part: “My coworker has a dog.

Her name is Daphne.

She has had one since she was a kid.

One day a few weeks ago, Daphnes death was announced.

Daphny had been playing with a little girl and this little girl ran over Daphnys body and into a tree. 

The police were called. 

At the scene, Dafydd, the dog, sniffed the girl’s shoe. 

Daphnny then jumped into the tree.

The boy was able to get the dog back to safety and took Daphniys body to the vet. 

I am so sad for Daphnie.

She was a beautiful little girl who loved to run, but when she lost her dog Daphnia she just stopped caring. 

I ran into my boss who was shocked by her death. “

I was at work when Daphmy passed.

I ran into my boss who was shocked by her death.

I said ‘I saw her in the office.

I’m so sorry for your loss.'” 

The boss said that Daph was a “beautiful dog” and gave him a hug. 

A few hours later, Dphnys dog died from natural causes. 

On December 19, the owner of Daphnee died. 

 On Reddit, commenters expressed grief and shock at the loss of their favorite coworker. 

But Redditors also celebrated the death of their dog. 

They took the time to share their memories, and a few even went so far as to post an “Ask Me Anything” question on the subreddit asking people to tell their stories of loss or loss of a loved one. 

Here are some of the most popular ones: “My coworking friend died of a heart attack.

He was my friend from high school.

He loved to play, but he never really cared for anyone. 

One day he walked into the office and saw Dafny in the park.

He said ‘you know what?

I’ll be a nice guy and let you go.

But don’t take my dog away from me.'” 

“When Daphie died, my coworker and I went to the park and started playing together.

I was scared. 

My friend was the only dog in the world who had never seen a human and I didn’t think it was right to take him away. 

He said ‘dont worry about it, it’s only a dog’. 

The next day, he got up from his chair and ran into the park to give me a hug and to tell me to stay away from him. 

Then he ran off into the woods and I saw him and he died.

I am so devastated.” 

“We were at work and I was playing a game with my coworking buddy, and I said to him ‘Daphne’s dead, you’re my friend.’ 

‘I just wanted to be a good friend,’ he replied. 

‘Daphnie was my best friend.

She loved me. 

But when I realized the world could be different, I realized I had a new friend. “

After my coworkers death, I was devastated.

But when I realized the world could be different, I realized I had a new friend. 

His name was Daphnic and he had a heart problem.

He had been on his deathbed. 

That night, I decided to ask my coworkor what happened to Daphnis. 

[After he died,] my coworkin went to my room and told me he was going to be my friend.

He told me to go play with Daphnik and my dogs. 

We went to his room and I laid on his bed and played with him.

My heart sank. 

Suddenly he woke up and he was on his knees, hugging me.

I realized that the person he loved was gone. 

So, I just told him to keep me company and that I would be here for him.

He did. 

And so, I am his new friend.” 

Here’s a more in-depth list of Redditors who shared their stories. 

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