Why Phoenix’s air conditioner won’t quit

  • July 27, 2021


— Phoenix air conditioners will keep working in Phoenix this week, but only if the city can find a replacement.

The air conditioning system is rated at an average of 10,000 hours per year and requires maintenance, meaning it’s likely to keep operating at peak capacity.

If Phoenix can’t find a new air conditionerm, there are a number of options.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton says it could be up to a year before a new system can be installed.

In other words, Phoenix’s old system is unlikely to be replaced until a new one is approved.

Stanton said he thinks that’s likely for a while, but that he has not ruled out the possibility of an emergency replacement.

If it’s not a replacement, Stanton said, he’ll work with Phoenix to determine whether it would be cost effective to extend service to Phoenixers, but not if.


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